This is a long, incomplete, and in-progress list of various people who inspire me and whom I have found learning about useful. I hope to do posts about each in the future. Furthermore, this list has shown me that I am not doing enough to learn about more creative women and POC.

In no particular order:
Art Babbit (animator)
Saul Bass (designer)
Ward Kimball (animator)
Brenda Chapman (animator)
Lotte Reiniger (animator)
Michael Gondry (animator/filmmaker)
Joanna Priestly (animator)
Ron Clements and John Musker (animator)
Yuri Norstein (animator)
John Canemaker (historian/animator)
Kathryn Bigelow (filmmaker)
Art Young
Al Hirscfeld (illustrator/cartoonist)
Jhohan Vasquez (animator)
Al Menken (musician)
Steve Jobs (entrepreneur)
Bill Gates (entrepreneur)
Thelma Schoonmaker
Jefferey Katzenberg (entrepreneur)
Peter Jackson (filmmaker)
Steven Spielberg (filmmaker)
Walt Disney (animator)
Ubb Iwerks (animator)
Danny Elfman (musician)
Warren Spector (game designer)
John Williams (musician)
Johnny Ive
Joe Grant (animator)
John Lassetar (animator)
Andrew Stanton (animator)
Tim Burton (animator/filmmaker)
Rufftoon (animator)
Eyvind Earle (animator/illustrator)
Ty Wong (animator/illustrator)
Mary Blair (animator/illustrator)
Gil Kane
Bill Peet (animator)
Glen Keane (animator)
Paul Cocker Jr.
Bill Waterson (cartoonist)
Charles Schultz (cartoonist)
Patrick McDonnell (cartoonist)
Sergio Aragones
Don Martin
John Byrne
Parry Shen
Milt Kahl (animator)
Scottie Young (cartoonist/illustrator)
Hayaou Miyazaki (animator/mangaka)
Neil Gaiman (author)
Becky Dreistadt
James Jean
Chris Sanders (
Dice Tsutsumi ( (animator/illustrator)
Akira Toriyama (mangaka)
Brad Bird (animator)
Brianne Drouhard
Bubble Bobbie
Bucky O’Hare
Damon Bard
Lauren Faust (animator)
Nicolas (Nico) Marlet (illustrator)
C. S. Lewis (author)
Preston Blair (animator)
Inhae Renee Lee (
Chris Ayers (
Parka ( (reviewer)
Freddie Wong (vfx artist/YouTuber)
Junot Diaz
Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
Andreas Deja (
N. C. Wyeth
S. E. Hinton (author)
J. M. Barrie (author)
J. K. Rowling (author)
J. R. R. Tolkien (author)
Brittney Lee (illustrator/papercraft)
LeSean Thomas (animator)
Jorge Gutierrez (animator)
Peter Ramsey (animator)
Bill Joyce (animator/illustrator)


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