I’ve recently started migrating over to jenhurler.com, so be sure to follow me there!

If it wasn’t clear, my name is Jen. Animation is both a personal interest and the industry I work in. My interests include learning about film and animation history, video games, and writing and reading in general.

I am still relatively new to the animation industry, so I tend to write about any artistic and/or personal experiences that I think someone looking to get in would be interested in. I try to go to lots of local screenings, tech talks, etc. as possible, and bring my insights from those here. Whatever I feel can add relevant value to this blog is what ends up here, basically. In the future, I would like to write more analytical content in the future as well, but not until I’ve stretched my abilities and confidence as a writer a touch more.

This is not a blog to teach you specific animation techniques. This is not a blog of nothing but reviews on the latest studio releases. Rather, it is more about anything in animation, computer graphics, and the vast intersection where they overlap.


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