Monthly Archives: January 2017


Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a notice here reminding anyone who was interested that I moved from a blog over to a self-hosted site powered by I now blog over at!

Please be sure to check that site out, and follow along over there. I think if you are a user you can still subscribe to the site so that it will appear in your feed. To be honest, I am kind of struggling with navigating the differences between and, largely because I am able to manage all of my different blogs and sites under the same umbrella, as I am always logged into them all here on my personal laptop.

Please let me know if there isn’t a follow button for fellow WordPress users on, and I’ll continue investigating. Otherwise, there is an email subscription you can use, if you are interested.

Another project of mine you may be interested in subscribing to is my in-progress animation site,

Thank you so much for reading this blog up until now, or from when I last posted to it in September. Please join me on my new site if you want.

Thank you!