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10 Things I Learned While Making My First YouTube Video

Could that title get any longer? Jeez. But that adorable, click-baity title is the most direct way for me to passively state that, hey, I finally created a YouTube video! You’re welcome, Past Jen!

Jokes aside, this really has been a long time coming. I first created my channel back in 2012, and never felt like I could be one of “those” people who made videos.  What does that even mean, Past Jen? I tend to do that a lot. Just assume that I wouldn’t be able to do something without any actual proof that I couldn’t. Sure, you’re bad at something when you first do it, but does that mean that I just block myself from even trying? Probably.

Here’s the thing about YouTube, and other aspects of life. People always just spew out the same “Just do it” or “Just get out there…make it happen…get your hands dirty” or any other thing Shia LaBeouf might say. I have been a creative coward for the entirety of the adult life. My childhood, not so much but that’s a therapy session for another day. My point is, you will constantly be given this advice, solicited or not, from any and every type of person in every profession/field/industry.

This advice sucks. For me at least. It was never effective. That being said, I’m going to say some things that might have actually been good advice for Past Jen to have gotten. I’ve put the video at the bottom of this post. You can decide if you’d like to watch it before or after reading this post or at all.

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