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July 2016

July has flown by, as has this entire freaking year. It’s a little terrifying that we are more than half way done with this year. I think that’s a good thing, too. With shootings and the state of politics…this year is not one that history will likely remember too kindly. We are seeing the first woman nominated for president by a major political party, so there’s that glass ceiling theoretically shattered.

I think part of the reason July went by so quickly for me was because work did. It was absolute chaos and more often then not, the week would start, and then I would blink and it was already Thursday, and then Friday. With the 4th of July and our latest film release, we even had some shorter weeks in there, which was awesome of BSS.

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When You Like Owning Stuff

Earlier this month, I was planning to move house for the third time in two years. It would have been a good move too–shorter commute, less driving in general, closer to downtown, living with friends, spacious apartment. I was dreading it, of course, as does anyone who owns stuff. I’m very wary of even thinking about moving, but I was actually starting to embrace this one. Until shit hit the fan and we lost the place.

In those couple of days that we thought we had the place, the gears had already begun to turn. I was already making lists of things I could stash at work VS things I wanted to bring VS things I could send back to my parent’s house. I started making lists, piling up things to bring to Good Will, and I even packed two small boxes of smaller items. Now I’ve got to unpack that stuff. When I thought I was moving, my way of thinking about my belongings changed, and changed once again when I knew I wasn’t moving.

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June 2016

June, as well as all of 2016, has blown by a lot quicker than I’d have liked. HELL IT’S ALREADY JULY 11TH!?

Work was a bit more chaotic than usual, which was likely why things went by for me. But it should amount to some good stuff down the road. : ) The only other bigger things that I did this month were go camping in Vermont and see Finding Dory.

My weekend

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Camping was exciting, as I’ve never properly went camping before. As a kid, I went through the Girl Scouts, but, let’s be real, it wasn’t really camping when you already had a built location to sleep and didn’t have to even think about food. The trip we did was car camping, so it wasn’t as extreme as some of my friends may have liked. But it was ideal for me. The one full day we were there, I got to swim and catch red-spotted newts, as well as read Dante and Aristotle Discover the Secrets of the Universe, which was a wonderful, poetic YA novel I picked up on a whim (the lettering on the cover was pretty) at my library. I may have to re-read it and write up a review, because that book was just so…interesting.

The campsite we stayed out was really nice as well. The plots were the perfect size, and each came with a picnic table and fire pit, with plenty of room to park your car without it being invasive to your tent and campground. There were clean water spigots within walking distance, as well freakishly well kept bathrooms and sinks, and even hot showers available for quarters. We were a quick drive from the lake, which had a little coastline, tables, and water vehicles for rental. I had friends kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding while I sat in a hammock. Win win.

Finding Dory was enjoyable. Not the best film in the world, especially compared to Pixar’s other films, but it had some truly funny moments. The story was fun, if not a little convenient in some places. But I found that I was able to really immerse myself in it and not sit there picking it apart, as I and other animation folks tend to to. Finding Nemo was never one of my favorite Pixar films, and I tend to prefer watching it with the commentary on, so I wasn’t as emotionally invested in it as lots of other people my age.

The short film that premiered, Piper, on the other hand…that film knocked me off my fucking feet. It was worth the price of the ticket just to see that film. That’s the film I want to see again, analyze, and write a review about. Holy crap.